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tv   Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Testifies on FY 2018 Budget  CSPAN  June 29, 2017 7:21am-9:26am EDT

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i am concerned that our secretary of interior who is in charge of our nation's public lands is unclear. we had this in your confirmation hearing. i'm concerned about whether you are clear of the magnitude of warming that is occurring.
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could you tell me how much i could predict under a business as usual scenario? >> well, the paris accord and the president -- >> i know we are out of time so can you tell me how much warming government scientists predict for the end of this century? >> i don't think the government scientists can predict with certainty. there isn't a model -- >> you say we have to go with sciencement that's what you said
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during the early part of this hearing. there is agreement about by the end of the century. you know what the range is. >> if everyone add heared the change would be roughly .2 degrees, which is insignificant. >> no. no. no. >> that was an m.i.t. study. >> that was what the change would be under the period covered by the agreement. it's not what the change would be in the end of the sncentury. i want you to answer the question that i asked you. that's all i want you to do. can you tell me how much warming government scientists working
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for our government predict for the end of the century around a business as usual scenario? >> can you tell me whether or not china increased its co 2 and by what? i will be glad to give dwlu answer. >> and that answer is -- >> so you'll give it in writing? >> in writing. >> you said that this budget is what a balanced budget looks like. so does this budget balance resource extraction with conservati conservation? >> the budget balances fiscally in a ten year program. the budget does not favor one
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energy solution or another or does it favor -- it doesn't favor it. it is a budget -- >> on the other hand you talked about the need to raise revenues. one of the ways you would raise revenues is to increase what you get from resource extraction. so it appears that's one of the ways you are going to create additional funds to keep the interior department going. i would say it probably reflects more of that towards resource extraction. let me give you an example. when i know met with you prior to that hearing you're a big
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support of the land and water conservation fund. it is supposed to be a program funded by revenues and yet this fund is cut by 84%. so that is an example of how we are moviing towards extraction s opposed to conservation. the reason time particularly interested is that it and hawaii has submitted a proposal that obtains funding from the lwcf and our proposal at risk and improves and improves eco systems etcetera. has your commitment changed? >> it is funny that the source
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of lwcf is offshore oil and gas. when we drill offshore oil and gas we fund more into the fund. what is cut from the budget is more land acquisition. >> yes. >> as you know, the lwcf itself has about $18 billion that has not been aprop yours trulpropri. we are looking at on shore too. some of that is to provide infrastructure relief. it is hard to fat thom how you would take land in if you can't afford to maintain it. i think we should look at ways to maintain it. when we have all of the things that land and water conservation fund has provided we make sure we can maintain those holdings.
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>> in the case of our proposal it is for the acquisition of properties that the private land owners. we do not have any national forests in hawaii. we are one of ten states that do not. and so there are private entities that have been waiting for years and finally got into the pipeline of support from the lwcf and suddenly that pipeline has been closed. i would like to understand that i conclude with all of the cuts that many of my colleagues have pointed out. >> i do support the budget and i commend the president for actually having the -- having the focus on providing the first step of what a balanced budget would look like. it is a tremendous change from
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the proposition that having a budget that doesn't balance really doesn't matter. it provides a good don vconvers. >> i would say other things are important to many of us will be cut. did you push back on any of the cuts that are reflected in the budget for interior? >> there are certain areas in the budget that i think should be greater prioritized and not -- >> such as? >> i have always been a supporter of lwcs. i think that our parks are a treasure. what surprised me about when you become the secretary and opened up the budget is how much revenue we lost. you know, that's a drn to me.
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revenue can pay far lot of things. if you money in the bank a lot of these problems and programs and things doesn't have to occur. the other thing that's interesting is where we spend our money. $5.5 billion worth of grants. most of the grants are absolutely appropriate and good, but we -- looking at it a lot of money was going outside of other things while our infrastructure was hurting. personnel wise we have good people but we are really heavy on our upper bureaucracy. we have about 6,500 people in d.c. >> you mentioned that. if there were any programs you really pushed back on cuts of and it sounds as though land and water conservation funds were very much supported.
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we need to get that back i would say on track. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. he said something that stuck with me when he was having a conversation with you today. he said one day of seen is often better than 20 30 days of readi. this gives you a little bit of an impression. it shows how the donation property is really just the gateway to the existing wilder ness is in a sea of private land which is why public access is not possible. it is my understanding that there is an outside the wilderness boundary i thought
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that given you said you were coming out to new mexico what might really help for both of us is to see it on the ground. i wanted to extend that ini have tigs a -- invitation and to see if we can have sort of a common place to start. >> i would be honored to accept your invitation. i will be out there. one thing good about this job is you see a lot of beautiful country and meet a lot of great people. i'll commit to work with you on it. >> great. that's very much appreciated. the first time was on horse back. it was the most effective way to get in and out.
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>> you said people should see it for themtss and i completely concur with that. i was there a few years ago with my family over spring break. i'm curious if as part of your process you mapped out the locations of the antiquities and the objects that were in that proclamation over the landscape of the current boundary so as to know how and where it might be adjusted. >> we are working all parties to
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go through it. the recommendation was this. we think that it can be identified, segregated and the borders can be revised. to your point i know you very preesh yative. what happens when you put a proclamation over a proclamation. watder can be some stren gent than a proclamation. there are areas in a forced service or u.s. force in there. >> up -- >> and literally bears eers. >> yes. and there's also areas that are -- they are probably bett suited. the request was to examine it to see whether they are more appropriate with a national
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conservation area. sit consistent with the proclamation. it certainly can be done. and that proclamation is very clear in calling out tell k and big horned sheep as important objects in that monument as well. i hope we can make sure that we take a look at those as well as
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the cultural. >> thank you. i had a cup of questions for you. i wanted to ask first about hiring for the manhattan project in the tri-cities area. are you moldiholding up hiring >> overall what i have done is kept the hiring freeze in washington in the metro area.
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so we are not holding anything up. we are try to go fill trying to fill some of the positions from denver and washington with qualified individuals first. >> will you be moving forward on hiring for the manhattan project park? it's a new joint d.o.e. interior effort. >> i was concerned about some of our other holds when you only have one individual.
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if it's our holding we need to make sure the front shrine at least protected. >> this is a new front line for sure. it will definitely add revenue because it's a great regional perspective. you can get back to me on it. it might not be something you came prepared this morning to address. it is about proposing a change and having public comment on it before it is finalized. >> it's a little problematic.
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it was part of the issue why it was challenged. my intention is we'll go through the complete public process on it. both you and i agree that sit a waste. i think from a stewart perspective i think wasting a public is waistful. we have -- wasteful. >> so you will talk to technology people about how you can stop waste in the flaring?
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but to make sure the law is enforced and we do it by the numbers and by the book. >> but you won't spend your time dragging your feet on implementation? >> ma'am, i don't drag my feet. i don't operate that way. as far as the law bow goes i sport the law. that's my obligation to do so. >> i appreciate that. i had this unusual experience when i got elected to the senate and john ashcroft nomination and i asked him and said you're going to be the attorney general. the last administration just finished. are you going to implement it or are you going fight it? he said if it's the rule of law i will enforce it. that's what he did. i'll admit there were times i
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thought he lagged in enforcing that and we called him out on it. i will be doing the same here. we certainly feel this waste should not be at the taxpayer expense. thank you for working to implement it. >> thank you. i do have some additional questions. one relates to mineral security. you mentioned with the 1002 and with the north it is important to know what we have, have an invento inventory. i have a question relating to that as well as and surveying natural hazards to the earth quick monitors. unfortunately we do not have consent to wave the two hour rule and so now that the hour of
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12:00 on us i'm not allowed to continue the hearing. i hope you could provide me with updates on not only these two areas but some of the others. thank you for your leadership. we would like to get your deputy up to you. he has moved out of the committee but we need to get him moved through floor and we need to get the other members of your team through that process. you're working hard. you need your team with you and know we are committed to making it happen as quickly as we possibly can. we thank you for being here this morning. have a great afternoon this morning. the community sands adjourned.
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we'll hear from state and federal energy officials. the house natural resources sub committee begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern live here on cspan 3. you can also follow live coverage on and with
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cspan radio app. sunday night heath davis in his book beyond trans, does gender matter? he is interviewed by glad president and ceo. >> when we are talking about transgender i this i we are talk about something different which is about the predicates of those thor owe types. it's not what you how old or shouldn't do but do you get to belong to the category of man or woman in the first place. so i think it's important. when wlai try to point out, there's something else going on which is sex identity.
9:23 am
it is about belonging to the categories themselves. >> you said we should eliminate those categories, right in so a both certificates. >> watch it sunday night on cspan2's book tv. live sunday at noon eastern, author, journalist and history professor herb boyd. >> you look at the 1863 draft riots. there's a nice comparison there.
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almost for same reasons. you're talking about the black and irish kplcommunities at eac other's throats. go down to 68, 67 and almost for the same conditions. >> by any means necessary and his latest, black detroit, a people's history of self-determination. >> the black doctors, black laborers can benefit so it was going on at that time. we can talk about benefits of segregati segregation. certainly it would be the opportunity to have contact, you know, with people of another class. of course that's the beginning of the middle black in detroit.
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>> join us with your calls, e-mails, tweets and facebook questions live sunday at noon eastern on book tv's in depth on cspan2. the house the taking up legislation that would increase penalties for people who reenter the u.s. illegally and for stank ware jurisdiction that don't cooperate with federal deportation entities. we spoke to a capitol hill reporter about the legislation. >> one of the house bills deals with penalties. what are sanctuaries. >> no good catch all. it is low cat defined who would bar local cop


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